Social Media Management in Newcastle

Social Media is proving to be an integral part of each business and their marketing strategy in this digital age we now find ourselves in. Social Media gives you a voice to reach and communicate with people you wouldn′t otherwise be able to, handing you the power to turn a good business into a great one, and communicate directly to your target market.

Social Media Marketing is a complicated science, and at DigiPro, we make it our mission to tailor-make the right formula for each of our clients so that they achieve huge success. Our goal is to not only to attract new customers for you, but also to build and maintain the relationships with these customers. We inject personality into your business, give it a voice, and bring it to life online.

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Content creation

Create engaging images & videos

The key to successful Social Media is making your posts interesting, unique, and eye-catching. The standard and quality of images you share on these platforms can define your business, so it′s important to get these spot on in order to accurately reflect your business.

At DigiPro, we offer a Digital Content Creation service provided by our very own in-house photographer. We will visit your business at a time that suits you, creating a bank of professional, high quality digital content that can then be shared via your social media pages such as Twitter, Facebook & Instagram, with the firm objective of attracting and converting new customers.

Our Services Include

  • Daily 360 Management

    Daily updating across all platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and any other platforms that may apply. These posts are expertly crafted at specific times of the day that will gain the most value.

  • Social Media Campaigns

    We create and manage innovative social media marketing campaigns, tailored to you, to ensure a maximum reach of your business online and generate an extremely high rate of new customers.

  • Customer Relationships

    We carefully respond, interact and build rapport with existing and future customers on social media, adding a personable factor to your business online and establishing long-lasting relationships.

  • Monthly Reviews & Stats

    We meet with our clients monthly to review the analytics that reflect how our services have boosted their business online, whilst also planning for the upcoming month.

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